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The Best in Pulverized Virgin and Regrind, and compounding black for the Plastics Industry!

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Reprocessing by compounding, mixed color regrind, extruding/carbon black, pelletizing, post industrial Roto-grade material

3 vacuum pneumatic tankers -- On-site certified semi-tanker weight scales -- Company owned rail spur -- Warehouse storage


Welcome to one of the best pellitizing and pulverizing plants in the world, located in historic Prairie du Chien for the last 15 YEARS!

Since arriving in scenic Prairie du Chien, we have doubled in size. Today, we offer what few, if any, other processors of virgin or regrind resin can equal, and yet, since we don't sell any material, we're never in competition with our customers or suppliers. That's an enviable position to be in, but that's exactly the point we want to be at. Here, thru-put and store-on-demand are the way we earn a living and pass on substantial savings to our clients.

Though we don't sell materials, we do provide the exact tolling services that give you the resin results you've been looking for, in the form you need. Whether your project is large or small, our team can provide the manufacturing resources and logistics solutions to get you the plastic product in the form you require.

Our track record for consistent quality and timely service make seemingly insurmountable tasks possible to overcome. 

Our multifaceted company, with flexible service options, is here to assist you by providing a wide range of options at affordable prices.

Join with us in celebrating our 15th Year as Prime Pulverizers and Pellitizers in the Plastics Business!


To speak with an experienced member of staff, simply contact us at your earliest convenience: (608) 326-7050.