Prairie Pulverizing Inc.
The Best in Pulverized Virgin and Regrind, and compounding black for the Plastics Industry!

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About Us

As a leading processor of virgin and regrind plastic resins, we take pride in offering the best products for the right purposes. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day, 24/7, with an unequaled "just on-time" delivery system that can, usually, fulfill your order within 24 hours, with less than 1% loss ratio. That not only saves you time, it saves you money.

Our combined 60 years of experience coupled with our manufacturing facility that is large enough and flexible enough for reprocessing via compounding, mixed color regrind, extruding/carbon black pelletizing, and pulverizing, as well as post-industrial Roto-grade material. Further, we can process virgin 3.5 & 7 melt roto-grade 35 mesh (500 microns), complete with transportation bulk or box.

And when it comes to logistics, we are second to none, offering a company owned rail spur that is on the BNSF rail system, plus a fleet of semi-tankers and 53 ft. trailers that gives you effective and efficient options.

Call us at (608) 326-7050 to see just what we can do for you, especially if you are facing a hard deadline.



Onsite owner management --  6 complete pulverizing systems -- 8 - 35 mesh particle sizes available -- Custom blade design