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The Best in Pulverized Virgin and Regrind, and compounding black for the Plastics Industry!

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Our "Prime Directive" is to never own, buy, or sell plastic material of any type, at anytime. This promise ensures integrity of process and security of all your valuable assets, dispensing with any possible conflict of interest claim or, even, sense of competition.

We pulverize resin. That is all we do, and we intentionally engineered our state-of-the-art facility with a clear focus on providing high quality toll services at the most competitive cost. 

The service values we offer you are:

Convenience & Energy Savings

Our strategic position places us just three convenient hours from the largest cities in the northern Midwest: Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis, And, our location saves you money, because Crawford County has the lowest labor rate, the least demand on power and the smallest kilowat cost in Wisconsin. 

On-site Supervision & Sophisticated Automation

Our on-site owner/operators are here 24/7 to manage, maintain and operate four separate automated production lines, transferring resin from rail car to powder silo vacuum pneumatically through computerized, certified scale systems designed to accurately measure weight for instant inventory control and product separation.

Capacity & Flexibility

We process over 3 million pounds each month through our four pulverizers, permitting us to offer the widest range of thermoplastics and particle sizes without contamination and with a mazimum loss to processing of virgin or recycled material of less than 1%.

Private Rail Spur on BNSF Rail Line

Our on-site rail spur connects our facility directly with the BNSF rail system and allows us to maintain and store well over one million pounds of bulk material via rail cars.

Outside Silos & Pneumatic Tankers

5 Dedicated outside silos are available to hold finished product waiting to be transported via bulk vacuum pneumatic semi-tankers, scheduling 24/7, year-long, increasing your inventory for true "just-on-time" delivery.

Indoor Silos & Accurate Weight-Scales

Indoors we have six silos and certified weight-scales for processing and handling individual Gaylord containers, both received into and prepared for shipment back to you.

Material Transportation & Certified Truck Scale

Our company-owned pneumatic tankers can handle bulk materials; however, we, also, have multiple trailers and semi-tractors for delivering individually finished Gaylord containers, with an on-site certified truck scale.

Computerized Inventory Reports & Control

We can provide instant Inventory Reports, documenting certified weight measurements and fostering real-time inventory control.

Material Testing and Lab Reports 

We provide Sieve testing is used to determine the particle size distribution in powdered or granular materials. The method uses standard sieves (screens) which are arrayed in a stack of progressively finer screens, with a pan at the bottom. The material is placed into the top sieve and shaken in a specific way, and then the amount of material resting on each screen is measured, thereby determining the particle size distribution. The amount passing the finest screen is shown as "pan". The test method is described in ASTM Standard D-1921. 

We provide Powder Flow analysis which determins Flowability (Dry Flow Rate) and Apparent Density (Bulk Density)
of Polyethylene Powders.

Randomly select finished products for additional testing and analysis.

Only after the successful completion of these evaluations do we certify our products for use.

We  know how important it is to provide our customers with a refined product that adheres to their strict specifications, So, feel free to contact us to speak to one of our professional team members about our Quality Assurance Program and how our processes can help you

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We deliver throughout Wisconsin, as well as Iowa, Southern Minnesota and Northern Illinois